Script Cover by Christian Carreon

We have this project to do a scene from the play of Romeo and Juliet and completely transform it into a different setting and style. The script will be different and everything. Our parody is a mash of Jurassic Park/Dinosaur Theme.

My team got assigned Act 3 Scene 3 and I just gotta say that my team members are awesome. We’re super productive and creative.

I can’t wait ’til we get this all finished, polished, and performed!


Help end child hunger

I have been sponsoring this charity for a while. The thing I like the most about it is that they don’t have a set minimum donation amount so if you wanted to donate just a dollar or 20ยข you could do so without being forced to pay $5 for the minimum donation amount. The only thing though is that they don’t have those catalogues that Oxfam and Food for the Hungry has ,so there’s less choice on where you’re money goes. But, it’s still a great organization , nonetheless.