I prolly wasted a good 10-15 minutes sketching the “stuff” on this folder. Worth it? Maybe.

This is the cutest internet-geek-love I’ve ever seen! If you like memes and creative marriage proposals, you have to watch this video.

A lot of the comments and trolls on memebase say that he got many meme references wrong but who cares? At least he was creative enough to come up with the idea in the first place!

Nonetheless, this made my day. I hope it makes yours.


Learning C++ is extremely difficult. At least that’s what everyone else says. I’m going to try to teach myself this language and I’m hoping for the best!

I recently got this book and its going to guide me through it all. This is starting to sound like a journey or quest, except there probably won’t be a princess at the end. I’ve barely delved in with 20 pages out of this 600 page book. Wish me luck.