Monthly Archives: November 2011

Back to school, everything seems the same. I realized we do the same thing everyday or at least I do. Sit down, listen to the teacher, do what the teacher says (or not), get up, go to next class, and repeat. I want and need to do something different at least once each day. This TED video inspired me. I think it was called ‘the shared power of absurdity’. It showed how groups of people organized improv comedy in public places to make people smile and change up the normal, boring day. For example, once they stood behind these display windows in a 4 story shopping centre in New York and danced, holding up signs telling people to look up more. After a while, a crowd began to form outside the shopping center, all of them looking up. They accomplished their goal and made a few people smile along the way. I want to do this at my school. Don’t know what exactly I should do, but I know it will end in smiling students/staff. Plus, I’ll have something new to do.


A quick project/thought I had when I looked @ this lottery ticket.

Font in Picture: Alte Haas Grotesk